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Dear Rudy, After listening to today's show, I want to thank you and the listener who spoke about airships. Rigid Airships are hopefully on the verge of making a comeback. There are several companies who are seriously trying to restore them to a position of usefulness in the transportation industry. I also, would love to travel via airship. Besides that fact that it is a more civilized way to travel, they pollute less, are more fuel efficient, and require less infra-structure.

There are quite a few Websites devoted to them, one in particular is for Rigid Airship Design N. V. of the Netherlands at

They are currently building a prototype airship capable of carrying a thirty-ton payload half way around the world non-stop. They could be especially useful in third world countries lacking infra-structure to move the necessities of life.

Please consider devoting more time to this subject as I feel you have a wide audience of thoughtful people who might never have considered the possibilities of rigid air ships. Would a twenty-four-hour flight to Europe be so hard to take if you arrived already relaxed and rested for your two-week vacation?

Sincerely, Gene Pi



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