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Airline travel

I've been listening to your show on 3-25-00 and as usual only hear complaints about rude flight attendants, overcrowding, and bad food. I would like to put in a good word for at least one airline--Southwest, which I have used at least four times during the past year for flights to see our children in Utah and Texas. The flight crew members were courteous and helpful even when the plane was full of demanding passengers. The small box snacks, though not fancy, were more than I expected, and they always have my favorite in-flight beverage--cran-apple juice.

Though choosing a seat when you get on is always a little unnerving, it often works in my favor. On the last trip home from seeing a new grand-baby, I found an open window seat. My seat-mates turned out to also be new grandmothers either going to, or returning from, visiting their children. We had a great time on that flight!

Though I would like wider seats, I think that, like most things in life, flying is what you make of it. I, for one, am just grateful to live in a day when living a thousand miles from a loved one doesn't mean never seeing them again.

Montgomery Village, MD



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