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Hidden Cities

Hi Rudy,

I just listened to this week show. You discussed "back to back" tickets and "hidden cities". I work for one of the big five airlines as a res. agent. I just wanted to warn your listeners about a nasty side effect of hidden cities.

As you must be aware, if a passenger "no-shows" any portion of a reservation then the rest of the reservation is automatically canceled, and the airline knows just where the "pax" stopped his/her travel. So, in your example, when the not-so-Savvy traveler shows up to the airport to return home, he/she won't have a reservation! Also, the airport agent can easily look in the traveler's passport to verify where they've been. I'm not saying "hidden city" tickets are impossible, just be careful, and never "no-show" a flight in a reservation which is before a flight that you really want! By the way, why would any one buy a one-way ticket, when round trips are usually much much cheaper?! That's my deal of the week! (Just don't tell the res. agent what you're up to, they won't book it) Keep up the great show!




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