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Dear Savvy Traveler,

My parents had the travel bug way before I was born. By the time I was thirteen I could comfortably eat Dal Baht with my fingers, give directions around Macu Pichu (And, more importantly, not snicker when I pronounced Lake Titicaca), sleep on Nepalese busses, and hang out with anybody, anywhere. My passport was as full of stamps, as my head was full of exotic climes.

As a disillusioned gen. Xer in my twenties, I spent a good portion of the early 90's, backpacking around the world. I prided myself on being a traveler, not a tourist. I went out of my way to learn the language well enough to get along comfortably, but never was I anywhere long enough to acquire a level of fluency that allowed me to really discuss Zen meditation, or Nietzche. I ate the local cuisine where the locals ate and more often that not had the best food in the country, for nothing, at little open air stands. I'm not sure why I felt the need to give you a biography. Maybe it's to try to give you an idea how long my life has been saturated with travel. And to tie in movies...

My father made me watch Midnight Express before I went to travel Mexico on my own for the first time, at the tender age of eighteen. I got the less than subtle hint. I must admit almost any movie makes me want to travel. I got the itch to go on the road after seeing Dinner with Andre. But the urge to travel got so overwhelming as to make me dizzy when I saw the movie Amerikan Passport (sic). It is a new documentary, playing the festivals right now. The web site is www.amerikanpassport.com. I hope it will be somewhere where you can see it soon.




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