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Tips for women travelers in Morocco

I'd like to pass on the only foolproof way to discourage young men from bothering me in the streets of Morocco.

I lived there for 2 1/2 years and found the only way to get persistent "drageurs" from hitting on me was to say (in French, but English would probably work, too) "My husband is Moroccan and he doesn't want me to talk to men in the street." Apparently, this plays on fear (of reprisal should hubby find out) and chivalry (here's a good woman trying to do right by her hubby). Works like a charm.

Although it pained me as a feminist to use this technique as I was in effect relying on an (absent) male to rescue me, it was so convenient and non-confrontational, I just swallowed my pride and used it anyway.

Incidentally, I married an older, Moroccan ex-"drageur", so for me it wasn't always a lie! Also, he liked this technique because he still feels sorry for the young men who have no job or hope for a job and therefore have nothing better to do than try to get lucky with Western women. This technique is easy on their feelings.


P.S. No, I didn't meet my husband in the streets. He was my student in an advanced English class I was teaching.



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