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Airline Safety

Thanks for your segment on airline safety following the tragic crash of the Alaskan Airlines flight off the coast of California. My last flight on Alaska Airlines was from Spokane to Seattle several years ago. Soon into the flight attendant's safety presentation, as our brains immediately began to search for anything more interesting, it became apparent that this was not the typical recitation with accompanying hand motions. We were instructed, for example, that in the unlikely event of an emergency landing in water, our seat cushions will act as flotation devices and that passengers are expected to return them to the airline by the following business day.

Our flight attendant, while seemingly making light of the safety routine, insured through her presentation that everyone aboard actually did know where the emergency exits were, that we put oxygen masks on ourselves before assisting others, and to use (and return) those seat cushions following that unlikely emergency.

I am still impressed with their attention to matters of safety.




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