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Alaska Airlines

In the quietness that is now following this tragedy, I want your audience to hear why many of us in the Northwest are so proud of Alaska Airlines.

This company has flown over a quarter century without a single fatality. They fly into the worst weather and the worst terrain of any airline in the world, and they do so day after day in comfort and safety. Their maintenance is tops, and they have been pioneers in equipping their planes for safe operation in all kinds of weather. I have often stood out at SeaTac watching other airlines post delayed arrivals and departures, while Alaska uses their heads-up cockpit displays to stay right on time. I have often flown down the GPS approach to Juneau, wedged between granite and glaciers, in complete safety. These folks are awesome.

Awesome, as an airline and as a corporation. They lost 35 of their own family in that crash. The captain was one of their top flight safety instructors. Yet even that day, they kept going without missing a beat. Their

I continue to be proud of them, as an airline and as a corporate citizen. Because of the way John Kelly and his team have faced this tragedy, that Eskimo face on the tail of each plane continues to be a proud symbol.




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