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Travel Tricks

Our son Aaron used to ride the Greyhound buses home from Syracuse University to Cleveland on semester breaks. Because he's rather tall and likes to have space and privacy, he always tried to make sure no one sat next to him on the bus, unless of course there were no other spaces available. Some of his strategies may seem off the wall, but then our son has an off-the-wall personality, and these strategies worked.

Aaron always dressed in black -- black trench coat, black trousers, black turtleneck, black knee-length boots, black hat (in the cowboy or Australian style) He often wore long purple or green plumes in his hat. He wears chain mail links draped from the epaulettes on his trench coat and a lot of Celtic medallions around his neck. I know this sounds even stranger, but sometimes, he would hum and pretend to meditate (this really throws some people).

Once, he had cooked a large beef roast the day before coming home and did not want to leave it in his apartment, so he wrapped it in foil and ate it by hand on the bus. Ready for an even stranger food technique? Once he wore a couple of french fries behind his ears for the trip. But I guess the weirdest thing he ever did was to wear his blue terrycloth bathrobe over his clothes for the trip home (he said there wasn't room for it in his suitcase). That trip, he also wore black lipstick and black fingernail polish and my husband said he could hardly keep from laughing when he saw Aaron come through the bus terminal doors and knew that no one had sat next to him that time!



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