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Meeting Lifelong Friends

I wanted to share our experience with meeting life long friends while traveling. In 1989, my wife and I traveled to Greece. It was our first trip abroad. We spent a couple nights in Athens and then traveled through the Greek isles. What a great way to travel.

On the first boat leaving the port we sat on the deck to enjoy the sun and catch the view. Nearby, another couple (from Belgium) sat down and we struck up a friendly conversation. It seemed they were going to spend a week on various islands, also, and then were heading off to Turkey once they got to Samos. We were heading to Lesbos.

We both ended up getting off at the same island and we found a hotel with a couple of rooms and enjoyed spending time with them. For the next week we traveled from island to island together. After more than a week we parted ways at Samos, with promises to keep in touch and a visit.

To this day we have kept in touch. Two and half years ago, they traveled to our town (Big Rapids, Michigan...which by the way is the only U.S. city named Big Rapids) for a three week visit. They saw lots of the state of Michigan. Then a few months after that, we met them in NYC for a long weekend. Now, after promising ourselves for years that we would travel to Belgium, my wife and I are finally going! This March, we will meet our friends of 10 years at their house in Antwerp and drink to good times and good friends.




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