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Youth Hostel Best Friends for Life

You asked if anyone met any best friends while backpacking in Europe.

In 1987, I was 23 and just landed at the youth hostel in Cherbourg, France after crossing from England. Jim was from Ottawa, Ontario and just landed at the hostel in Cherbourg after crossing from Ireland. We both set our watches the wrong direction after crossing and were at the hostel well before it opened. We became fast friends, had to sleep outside the hostel that 1st night because we arrived 5 minutes after curfew and the proprietary wouldn't let us in.

We separated for three weeks and met up (as we planned) at a youth hostel in Florence so that we could travel to Samos, Greece. To make a long story short, Jim, and I stayed on this Greek island for 10 days. We met two Dutch women at a restaurant on the beach. Two years later I flew to Jim's and Rita's wedding in Haarlem, Holland. Jim and Rita have since moved to Ottawa, have 2 bilingual children and we have gone on vacation or visited each other's home every year since then.




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