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Travel Mistake

A traveler for 20 years I've become humbled by the many mistakes, embarrassing moments and language foul-ups I've been involved in. Ah, but great stories to tell.

Mistake - using too much toilet paper. In the lovely town of Mount Abu - in northern India - I resided like a Maharajahs guest in the Bekeneer Palace. Once a palace, now a resort hotel in the mountains. I became sick for three days but was lucky to be in the hotel off season...no other guests and the King's Suite (about the size of a house 1000 square feet) was available on the top floor with a lovely balcony where we heard chanting in the distance during the late afternoon rains. Couldn't have picked a better place to get sick and rest and only $37.00 a night.

A glorious bathroom, compared to many nonexistent ones I had been introduced to along this journey, steps away from the bedroom allowed me to frequent it often. On the last day I backed up the whole (delicate) plumbing system in the palace and flooded the toilet. I'm sure it was due to a bit too much toilet paper; I did use it liberally.

I was probably balancing out the non toilet paper usage I experienced in France when I was an au pair and the family used newspaper. Mon dieu! Toilet tales are one of my specialties.




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