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Travel Mistakes

Two years ago we traveled to Italy for the holidays. Our daughter was studying in Parma and we joined her in mid-December for three weeks of northern Italy travel. Our daughter could speak Italian well enough -- or so we thought!

We were staying in a hotel outside of Venice. We would take the train into Venice every day and then return to the hotel at night. We had been on the road for a week or so and wanted to have our dirty clothes washed (probably about two or three small washer loads). Our daughter asked the hotel owner if they offered that service (at least that is what she thought she had asked) and was told yes.

We left the clothes that morning and when we returned that evening the clothes were done. Each piece was cleaned and in a plastic bag -- even the underwear. When we checked out the next day, the bill for the cleaning was $282 American dollars.

Apparently the laundry had been dry-cleaned!




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