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Enlightening the In-Laws

I married into the most wonderful Greek family almost 15 years ago. My husband's elderly parents are first-generation Greek immigrants living in London, Ontario, Canada. My husband Arch and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We love to travel, but Arch's Mom and Dad had no concept of traveling for just the fun and adventure of it. They thought us to be frivolous and indulgent to spend money to see places that "you could see better on TV."

They would visit Greece to visit relatives and would come to visit us for a few weeks each year to escape the Canadian winter, but we were determined to introduce them to traveling just for the heck of it, not just to see family. We chose a ten-day trip to the American Southwest, so that I could show the family the Grand Canyon. I had visited there as a teenager, but my husband had never been there. He thought that Niagara Falls would have the Grand Canyon beat for natural beauty. This was a challenge I had to take!

Bottom line, the guided bus tour was a big success and the parents really loved seeing the West. The highlight of the tour, next to the Canyon, was an overnight in Las Vegas.

I took it upon myself to introduce my in-laws to the concept of gambling at Caesar's Palace. They had never played any game of chance, so I started them off with quarter slots, and they were really enjoying themselves until I spotted my father-in-law feeding his credit card into one of the slot machines...he had caught the fever! So we dragged him to the buffet and put them to bed that night a little poorer, but richer in experience! As my father-in-law said as we departed Vegas the next morning, "Boy, these Las Vegas machines are hungry!"

They have gone with us on cruises since that first trip. We have tried to pick easy traveling options for them, and they have really enjoyed spending the time with us and seeing new things. Arch's Mom is not well now and can't travel, but we often talk about our travel adventures. I am glad we talked them into giving traveling a try, just for fun.




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