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Upgrade Success

Greetings from Missouri! You all are a vital part of my Sunday mornings. I greatly enjoy the show!

I just wanted to let you know that I have had luck with Virgin Atlantic upgrading from economy to premium economy.

My brother, my boyfriend and I had spent a spring break in London. My boyfriend and I were flying back on a 11a.m. flight to Dulles and my brother was flying out on a 2 p.m. flight to JFK. My brother, in chinos and a plaid shirt ask , very politely, if it was possible to upgrade. The agent didn't even blink and said she would be happy to upgrade him, and ask if we too (my boyfriend and I) would like to be upgraded. Unfortunately, our flight's premium economy was booked. Since this time, we have other friends that have been upgraded, just by being very early.

Like you stated on the air, I believe it is a matter of being nicely dressed and being very polite and appreciative.

Thanks for a great program!




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