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An American Jew in Israel

I listened to your program "An American Jew in Israel." This piece was extremely interesting. During the 'show', the 'host' had asked the listeners to share other similar scenarios that they have encountered. Here is mine...

I think the rift between cultures within a culture portrayed in the "An American Jew in Israel" is very similar to that experienced by an Indian (Asian-Indian) living in a foreign country. The Indian who has lived away from home for too long OR an Indophile (India loving) second generation Asian-Indian who looks at the country (India) as one that is culturally very rich and extremely diverse in its traditions. When the big trip to immerse oneself in this land of history occurs, many times it ends up in being an anti-climax.

There is no simple reason for this. It is a combination of various factors -- India is shaking off socialism and is trying to embrace capitalism (capitalism with a capital U.S.!) -- so one sees the new blend with the old; the ultra-traditionalists in India view anything foreign with suspicion and contempt; the Indophobic second-generation Indians (say, born in the U.S.) find several things to complain about in India (and sing praises of the U.S.); the Indophilic second generation Indians (say, born in the U.S.) find the reality in India quite different from the quaint dream that they had seen about their 'roots'

It will be interesting to see The Savvy Traveler follow up on this story or other similar stories...




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