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Home for the Holidays, or, Crunched Before Christmas!

During college, driving from Oklahoma to southern Virginia for Christmas, the crisp night air was suddenly broken by the sound of engine parts careening across the interstate. After a scant 167,000 miles, the slant six engine on my trusty Plymouth Belvedere had found its final resting place!

I took refuge in the closest truck weigh station near West Memphis until help in the form of a Methodist minister arrived. I huddled in the corner while truckers streamed through with gifts of beverages from afar for the weigh station workers. After spending a delightful night with the local family, I boarded a bus which rambled through the hills and mountains toward home. The bus wasn't going all the way, so I hitch-hiked the last 30 miles, arriving safe and sound on Christmas eve. All's well that ends well. Truly a memorable experience.




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