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Rundown for the Week of January 16, 2004

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Destination of the Week: Caribbean

Much of the U.S. is in a deep freeze right now -- but we could all use some snorkeling in warm turquoise waters, couldn't we? That's why we're making the trip to the pulse-slowing Caribbean for some genuine island-hopping.

Web resources: More info. on traveling to the Caribbean

Barbados east coast
Barbados Rum
by Jeff Tyler
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Imagine yourself on a tropical beach in the Caribbean. Did your vision include you sitting on the beach with a cocktail in your hand? Some of the world's best rum comes from Barbados, one of the islands in the West Indies. Reporter Jeff Tyler had the "hardship" assignment of doing research on Barbadian rum.

Interview with author Janis Frawley-Holler

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Islands give us the license to slow down and focus on the details of the meaning of life. Host Diana Nyad talks with Janis Frawley-Holler, author of "Island Wise: Lessons in Living from the Islands of the World," about her favorite islands and what intrigues her about them.

Web resources Holler's book "Island Wise" is available at Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support the Savvy Traveler.
More info. on places mentioned by Janis

Caribbean Deals / Hidden Places
Rudy Maxa
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If you're itchin' for an island getaway, we've got just the guy to help make it happen -- without breaking the bank. Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, tells us when the best time is to go and what we should expect to pay.

Web resources: More info. on places talked about by Rudy Maxa

Places mentioned by Janis Frawley-Holler
www.LonelyPlanet.com/columns: article - "Traveler at Large"
http://www.letsgo.com/HAW/: article - "Pu'Ukohola Heiau National Historic Site"

Deals mentioned by Rudy Maxa
For details on free matching room nights at the Mount Nevis Hotel & Beach Club, visit www.mountnevis.com or call (800) 75-NEVIS
For details on 40% off at SuperClubs in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, click on: www.worryfreevacations.com
www.villas-rentals.com: London-based company promises exclusive villas and luxury properties from chateaus in Provence to villas in Mustique.
www.unusualvillarentals.com: Calls itself the "largest private-villa vacation rental Web site." (800) 846-7280. Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and Europe.
www.wimco.com: A long-time player in the Caribbean rental business.

Savvy resources: More info. and stories on traveling to the Caribbean

photo: R. Harrington
American Country
an interview with Marty Stuart

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When Marty Stuart returned to the road after a long absence, he wanted to keep it "under the radar." He asked his manager to set up dates in small towns in order to give him time to polish up his band. Marty was amazed at the response: Thousands came out to hear his band play. He was so inspired that he set out on a mission to bring his brand of "hillbilly rock" -- real country music -- back to rural America. "The Electric Barnyard Tour" was born. Marty talks to host Diana Nyad about his experiences touring the backroads of America.

Web resources: Marty's CD "Country Music" is available at PRMS.org. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Music with Bob Duskis
Rokia Traoré, Astor Piazzolla

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Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is our world music guide. This week, he joins us with sounds from Malian singer Rokia Traoré and contemporary electronic musicians who have remixed some of Argentinean tango legend Astor Piazzolla's most famous compositions.

Click here for detailed info. about the music.

Music mentioned
group / album title / cuts / label

Rokia Traore / "Bowmboi" / songs: "Manian" & "Kote Don" Tama Records
Astor Piazzolla / "Astor Piazzolla Remixed" / song: Vuelvo al Sur" (Koop Remix) & "Prelude Fugue" VMM (Zeb Remix) / Milan Records

Available at the Public Music Radio Source. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Interested in other music you've heard on The Savvy Traveler?
Click here for music selected by Savvy producer Ben Adair.

Sound Travels
The Carillons of Holland and Belgium

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Sound Travels, where we listen to a simple sound and travel the world, takes us to Holland. Belgium and Holland have the greatest concentration of carillons in the world. They're like giant pipe organs, only with bells ranging in tone and weight, instead of pipes. Jeff Lunden recorded a carillon as he was biking through Willemstad, Holland. Every day, right at noon, the carillon sings its distinctive tune.

Savvy resource: More "Sound Travels" segments

Travelers Aid
It's the high season for cruising in many parts of the world. So, we get the skinny on the industry and find out about the new luxurious ship the Queen Mary II.

Part I: A cruise update with author Ross Klein
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Ross Klein author of "Cruise Ship Blues: The underside of the Cruise Industry," gives us an update on the current state of the cruise line industry. Ross has been with us before to talk about the industry troubles.

Part II: Doe the Queen Mary II live up to the hype? An interview with Alan Wilson, publisher of "Cruise News Daily"
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The Queen Mary II set sail on its maiden voyage Monday. It's the world's largest ship, rising 21 stories and carrying 2,600 passengers. But does the ship live up to the hype? Host Diana Nyad talks with Alan Wilson, publisher of "Cruise News Daily." He attended the christening and has been on the ship. Alan tells us what surprised and disappointed him about the ship, how much a trans-Atlantic crossing costs, and how the Queen Mary II stacks up against other cruise ships.

Web resource: Researching a cruise vacation isn't as easy as shopping airfares. So, Ross has a Web site to help you find a cruise just right for your budget: www.ucs.mun.ca

Deal of the Week
Fly East on the Cheap

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Since the Chinese New Year is fast approaching on Jan. 22, our dealmeister Rudy Maxa has two short and sweet ways to get you to the Far East in time for all of the festivities via Cathay Pacific and China Eastern Airlines.

DEAL #1:
Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's resident airline, has a deal for all of January for travel to and from New York or LA to neighboring Bangkok, Thailand. Book by the end of the month and travel most anytime between Feb. 2nd and April 30th and pay only $599 from LA and $699 from New York.

Add another $50 to $60 in taxes, and be aware that the first two weeks of April are blacked out on this deal. Note: You must book this online.

DEAL #2:
China Eastern Airlines is the only airline with nonstop service from LA to Beijing and Shanghai, and they've put all three classes of service on sale. Book now and fly first class roundtrip for $5,000 -- instead of $6,200 -- business class for $3,500, a $500 savings, or economy class for $949, a savings of $400.

Web resource:
For info on special Cathay Pacific fares between Los Angeles or New York City and Bangkok, visit www.cathay-usa.com.
To book the special fares between Los Angeles and Beijing or Shanghai, call China Eastern Airlines at (800) 200-5118 or (626) 583-1500.

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