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Rundown for the Week of January 24, 2003

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Tammy, Melissa, Alex and Aaron
Punk Rock B&B by David Welch

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Apparently, when compared with this one in Anacortes, Washington, most hostels are, well, pretty tame. Why? Well, this one is an indie rock paradise. Its hosts converted an abandoned fire station into an all-ages music venue, art galleries and painting studios -- and they have their very own jail in the basement. Best of all, if you're traveling through town and want to stay the night, you can. How cool is that? Contributor David Welch went to northwestern Washington to check it out.

View a slideshow of the B&B.

  • The Department of Safety
  • Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Web site
  • Interview with Stelios Hadjioannou, CEO of easyJet

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    With American, United, and most domestic carriers posting huge losses, it's no surprise that one of Europe's most successful airlines has based its model on Southwest, the U.S. airline that has shown a profit in every quarter over the past 30 years. Host Diana Nyad talks with the creative CEO of Europe's version of Southwest, easyJet, Stelios Hadjioannou. Diana chats with him while he was sitting in another of his inventions, the largest Internet café in the world.

  • easyJet
  • easyInternetcafe
  • article: "Stelios joins the billionaires' club"
  • Musical Travels: From India To Arabia with Anne-Marie Ruff

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    Anne-Marie Ruff is a Minnesotan with a serious case wanderlust. She packed her bags 4 years ago to live full-time abroad; she settled in Bangkok, and now lives in Abu Dhabi. Since she's constantly on move, she collects music she hears as she travels. Anne-Marie talks with host Diana Nyad about the music that forms the soundtrack of all of her globetrotting.

    Travel Safety with Doug Lansky

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    Just because there's a sketchy area, such as Kashmir, that doesn't mean all of India is off limits for travel. Far from it, as our expert for 'round-the-world travel, Doug Lansky, told host Diana Nyad. On the other hand, just because a place has been designated "safe," such as California, that doesn't mean you should wander around certain LA suburbs. Doug talks to Diana about the importance of getting regional security information.

    Travel Warning Web sites:
  • UK Foreign Office: (click on travel) Good place to start on the Web. They tend to specifiy the area of risk.
  • U.S. State Department: Warnings can be a little vague: if one spot is potentially dangerous, they put the whole country on the list.
  • Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs: consular advice
  • Slithering Serpentorium by Cash Peters

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    Many people are just generally freaked out by snakes. Some won't go hiking in the woods out of fear one might slither across their boots. Some even look in toilets -- snakes live in sewer pipes, don't they?! Well, some people are fascinated by snakes, too. Cash Peters took a trip down to Albuquerque to discover more about serpents at the International American Rattlesnake Museum.

  • International American Rattlesnake Museum
  • Info. on rattlesnakes
  • " Managing Rattlesnake Problems"
  • Rattlesnake bite info.
  • Sound Travels: Brugge, Belgium

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    Tiny, cobblestone streets, old Gothic churches, small shops selling curios and chocolate dipped waffles...In Brugge, Belgium, "Old World Europe" lives on in the 21st century. Today, Brugge still has some of the best-preserved buildings and cathedrals in all of Europe. At the top of the Belfort, the 300-foot-high bell tower on the main town plaza, you can see and hear everything, even children laughing and playing in an alley, far below...

  • Brugge official Web site
  • Images of Brugge, Belgium
  • Traveler's Aid: Airline Fee Frenzy

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    Guess you've probably heard that airlines, such as American West, have started charging for all kinds of things that used to be included in the fare -- like food. America West's new "Buy on Board" menu offers a cinnamon bun for $5; $10 lands you a chicken Kiev lunch, complete with green beans and a chocolate bar.

    Click here to read all the details.

    Deal of the Week: Romantic Getaways

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    Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has some sweet deals around the country that make great romantic getaways -- especially, with Valentine's Day next month. And, at these prices, it's worth falling in love just for a weekend.

    Click here to read all the details.

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