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Rundown for the Week of January 2, 2004

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(This show originally ran on January 17, 2003. This encore presentation may contain information that is no longer current or available.)

Opening Of Show

We did the first live edition of The Savvy Traveler on January 17, 2003, at the Fitzgerald Theatre in downtown St. Paul, Minn. The 2-hour performance was edited down to a 60-minute radio show, and the program segments, as usual, are available below.

View a slideshow of the live theater production from St. Paul, Minn.
Listen to the unedited, live version of the show.

Somali student
Stories from Abraham Lincoln High

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Lincoln High School, in St. Paul, is particularly geared toward refugees. In fact, the school has students from 17 countries. Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad visits the school and talks with teens, many of whom have had torturous childhoods and have traveled roads most of us will never experience.

Music with Bob Duskis: Music from Hot Lands

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Music is our cue as to the rhythm of a people. Bob Duskis, our ear to music around the world, joins us with some warm-weather music from Jamaica's Mento legend Stanley Beckford, and Euro and S. American electronic Brazilian Afro-Beat trio Zuco 103. Zuco 103 is on Bob's label, Six Degrees Records, out of San Francisco.

Read details about the artists.

  • Click here to purchase Zuco 103's "Tales of High Fever" at PRMS.org (Public Radio Music Source).
  • Click here to purchase Stanley Beckford's "Stanley Beckford Plays Mento" at PRMS.org (Public Radio Music Source). Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.
  • Genoa: Overlooked Gem by Elizabeth Yates McNamee

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    Some sounds will paint an entire portrait of a place, helping us get there. Elizabeth Yates McNamee traveled along the Ligurian coast to Genoa, Italy, a city on the harbor many Americans only pass through on the way to Portofino. The city has had contact with different populations on the Mediterranean Sea, from Arab to Spanish to French and Flemish. Its commerce is highly developed, but not its tourism. Elizabeth checks out an overlooked gem.

  • ITWG: Italian Tourist Web Guide
  • http://www.sandy-travels.com: A tourist's online photo album of Genoa.
  • Interview with Explorer Ann Bancroft

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    The word explorer is fading from modern life -- and Ann Bancroft is one of the great explorers in the world today. In 1986, Ann was one of the only women to travel to the North Pole -- but since she was a child, she has focused on Antarctica. And in 2001, she became the first woman to cross that huge sheet of ice under her own power. Ann's book on her expedition, "No Horizon Is So Far," will be released this fall.

    View Ann's photos

  • yourexpedition.com: A Web site where people share their dreams and stories.
  • The Ann Bancroft Foundation: Supports girls and women to realize their highest dreams and potential, promoting initiatives that inspire courage, risk-taking, integrity and individuality in girls and women.
  • Sound Travels: Okavango River Delta
    Botswana, Africa

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    In southern Africa, it's summer now -- and that means rain. Intense storms rip across countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe. The mountains of Angola drain into what eventually becomes the Okavango River: a wide, slow river, filled with elephants, hippos and crocodiles.

    The Okavango turns inland -- south and west -- straight into the dusty, barren Kalahari Desert. There, it forms Botswana's Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world, and an ecosystem supporting millions of birds and large mammals -- not to mention cicadas, mosquitoes and termites. Here's what it sounds like near the water's edge.

  • International Rivers Network: IRN supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds.
  • Interview with Geography Whiz Nicholas Burkhart
    Minnesota State Geography Bee Champion

    Real AudioPart 1 Listen in RealAudio
    Real AudioPart 2 Listen in RealAudio
    Nicholas Burkhart, 14, the Minnesota State Geography Bee champion, knows more about an atlas than you do. His area of expertise? Tibet, Nepal and Central Asia, the Arctic and Antarctic. Here's the question he had to answer to win the Bee: "What capital city lies at the foot of the Elburz Mountains?" Can you measure up?

  • Minnesota State Geography Bee
  • Traveler's Aid: Rudy's Amazing Airfare-Hunting Tips

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    The most frequent question we get here at The Savvy Traveler is: "Where can I find a cheap airfare to such-and-such a city?" Now, over time, we've discussed this topic at length, but our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has some new ideas on the subject.

    Read Rudy's tips.

    Deal of the Week: Jet to Hong Kong, Cheap!

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    Is the unrelenting winter making you want to get away? Well, our Dealmeister Rudy Maxa says you can jet to Hong Kong, courtesy of a great deal aboard Cathay Pacific.

    Fly any day of the week, roundtrip, between Los Angeles or San Francisco and Hong Kong for just $589, not including taxes and fees -- or, between New York and Hong Kong for only $699.

    And, just about any time is a great time to go to Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is coming up in early February -- and shopping is amazing there year-round. Plus, Hong Kong is a great jumping-off point for visiting other places in Asia, such as southern or northern Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other parts of China.

    Fine print?

    You must buy your ticket online only by Feb. 10, but you can begin flying anytime between the first day of February and April 23rd. Travel must be completed by April 30th.

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