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Letters of the Week

Want to see what other Savvy visitors have to say? Read our letters of the week, and be sure to tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

December 14, 2001

Hell, Texas

Dear Savvy Traveler,
When I was a youth in 1960, my family took a cross-country car trip. We were in Texas for a very long time as we drove west to east. We had started at the west edge early in the morning, and were still driving in Texas after dark.

It didn't seem to cool at all at night, and we were tired, hot and sweaty as we forged ahead on the endless Texas highway. Beside the road up ahead, there was a brilliantly lit gas station. As we got closer, we could see that it was a Shell station, but the "S" was burnt out. My Father expressed how we all felt when he said, "I was sure it was somewhere in Texas, and now I know where."


You Can't Go Wrong with a Sarong

Dear Diana,
Just heard your segment on listener travel tips. I have one of my own, which I learned from a fellow backpacker in Africa a few years ago.

Instead of a towel, bring a sarong to use for the same purpose. Sarongs are those light, sheet-like beach skirts women wear. They can be used just like a towel, but they dry a lot faster, they take up less room, they're a lot lighter, and if you're in a pinch, they can be used as a sheet.

If you don't live close to a beach and are unsure where to buy a sarong, try an imports store. They almost always have them.

Love the show.

Bellingham, Wa


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