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Letters of the Week

We don't know about you, but travel always makes us want to write long juicy letters to everyone we know. Maybe it's bragging rights, maybe it's a burst of poetic inspiration from seeing the Taj Mahal, but one way or another, suitcases and sunsets in strange places turn us into letter-writing fools. So, if it turns out you're the same way....be sure to include us in your list of people you just have to drop a line to. Don't worry, you will make us jealous...but hopefully we'll also be inspired by your adventures.

Want to see what other Savvy visitors have to say? Read our letters of the week, and be sure to tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

June 1, 2001

Trips That Make Home Look Good

Dear Rudy:

We recently heard your story about map reading as a distraction for kids on the road. We did that ourselves, and it worked like a charm. We stapled a regional map to a piece of beaver board with the route highlighted and pins marking planned stops. We did not allow questions. The kids had to figure out where we were and when we'd arrive at the destination. Not only did this activity keep the kids busy, it has given them superior map reading skills as measured by standardized tests.

Where do we travel on our road trips? We don't take the ideal vacations you often talk about. We've developed a different philosophy. One year, we had to scale down our spring vacation plans considerably. From Southern Indiana, we went to Detroit. We stayed with friends in their small house, which housed three children -- including one who invited his rock band over to practice -- and three very large dogs. We visited Greenfield Village and other Detroit points of interest, as well as some other stops along the way. However, our entire family was VERY happy to return home when the trip was over. We decided then that vacations that take people into a better world with better weather, more lavish accommodations, and more excitement diminish our everyday lives. Instead, why not pick a destination that makes home seem like the better place?

Bloomington, IN


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