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Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Wings on the Wheel

Hello, Rudy.

Three years ago I went home to Tucson for the holidays. My extended family and I were all meeting at my parents' house to spend Christmas through New Year's Day. I was unable to find a babysitter for my 8-year-old peach-faced lovebird "Peaches," so I decided to take her with me, much to the delight of my dad. (My father views this bird as his granddaughter and spoils her accordingly). So on the morning of Christmas Eve, I loaded Peaches and her cage into my pickup and headed south.

Outside of Flagstaff, she became agitated. She had managed to spit the entire contents of her seed bowl onto the seat, and took a bath in her water dish, so I let her out of her cage. She explored the cab of the truck for a while and then took up perch on the steering wheel. She faced forward, stood at the top of the wheel and screeched at everything she saw go by, amusing countless other interstate travelers. Some even slowed down to take a second look.

Take Care,




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