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Don't Forget to Pack Your Bike


Bike enthusiasts who like to travel might want to consider getting a folding bike. My folding bike provides a great mix of portability and performance. I've had it for five years now, and take it along on almost all my trips -- business and pleasure. It folds up to fit into a standard suitcase and yet performs very well, much the same as my regular racing bicycle.

One of my favorite folding bike stories happened in Belgium in 1995. I had traveled by train and bike to the time trial stage of that year's Tour de France. I was cruising around the finish area gawking at all the amazing bikes used by the racers. (The time trial bikes are the cutting edge of bike technology.) Then I noticed that all the other spectators and even a few of the professional riders were watching me on my funny little folding bike.

I spent the day wandering around the course, giving test rides, and wishing my French were good enough to explain all the joys of traveling with a high performance folding bike. Within this community of die-hard bike lovers, it was my folding bike that was truly unique!

The moral of the story: Traveling with a bike does not have to mean being married to it - as frequently happens with a standard bike tour. With a folding bike, you can go anywhere. Plus, you're always prepared to go for a spin -- on a bike you know and are comfortable on.

Keep up the great work on your show!




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