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Brotherly Love Stretched to the Breaking Point

Dear Rudy,

My worst houseguest EVER was my brother. He and his wife stayed with my wife and me for the longest six months of our lives when their work brought them into our area. He had one major fault: He gave advice about EVERYTHING. Examples:

ME: Good morning. HIM: If you really think it's a good morning, then today should be the day that you mow the back lawn.

ME: It looks cloudy out. Might rain today. HIM: Be sure to wear your raincoat and be careful about how you drive. The road can be slippery when it's wet.

ME: I've got to get to work. We're meeting some customers at 9:00. HIM: You should always lay out the meeting room and agenda the day before to make sure everything goes right.

ME TO WIFE: Hi, love. What's for dinner? HIM: You should kiss your wife when you come home before you ask about dinner.

ME: Please pass the meat. HIM: That meat is good, but be sure to check with your wife before you salt it. She may have salted it while cooking.

ME TO WIFE: I'm going to watch this TV show. Do you want to join me? HIM: There's another show on Channel 5 that you'll find more interesting.

ME: Goodnight. I'm tired and I'm turning in. HIM: You should always drink a glass of warm milk before you go to bed. That will help you sleep better.

When he left, my wife and I celebrated for a month! Our only fear is that their work may bring them back here someday.



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