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India in Minneapolis

Dear Rudy,

I really enjoyed your recent story on India. I am from India, and it brought back wonderful memories of the country's cities and ambience. I have been in Minneapolis for the past year, and the piece made me long to go back.

Also, you've talked about recording sound when traveling. I have done just that. On a night train ride in India, I recorded the rhythmic sound of the train rolling along the tracks. On a trek over the mountains near Mubai, I recorded the birds chirping. I can listen to my tapes here in Minneapolis and it transports me to India. It's a great way to keep oneself from getting lost in the chaos of life in the U.S. I bet lots of people do this to preserve not only vacation memories, but all kinds of trips they take to places that have special meaning for them.

I wish I had the time to travel far and wide and bring back memories of this wonderful planet we are on. I have been to Japan and Hong Kong on my work travels, and although they were short trips, I still vividly remember the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo in April, and the ferry ride across Causeway Bay (HK) to Tsim Tsa Choy.

Your program does a great job of providing a wonderful glimpse of the world -- from exotic places to the bizarre experiences of travelers. It's a great feeling tuning in to it every week.





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