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Architecture as a Travel Passion

Dear Rudy,

A while back, a lifelong friend asked me why I was always "lugging" my wife and child off to some city (San Francisco, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Boston, etc.) rather than taking a vacation to a tropical beach, the Grand Canyon, or some other typical tourist destination.

Not long after that, you posed a related question on your show: Why do you travel? It really made me think. I wanted to believe that I like to visit these world-class cities to bask in the art, culture, or nightlife. But in reality, I mostly just walk, ride, or drive around looking.

So, after pondering the question in depth for some time, I now realize that I travel because I love taking in the architecture of the places I visit -- especially old buildings, the kind that are no longer built. That might not be a typical response to the question about why people travel, but that's what really makes my journeys worthwhile.




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