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Getting Upgraded on Transoceanic Flights

Dear Rudy,

While I agree completely with the comment that in order to get upgraded, you must dress like you belong in first class (I always travel wearing at least a sport coat), the statement that upgrades on transoceanic flights just don't happen is wrong.

I was flying from London to Dulles on the return leg of my first Virgin Atlantic flight ever. I had a ticket in what they call "Premier Economy." When I arrived at the crowded ticket counter at Heathrow, the gentleman processed my ticket and simply said, "I have upgraded you to Upper Class." I had not asked for, nor did I expect this. I simply thanked him--no chocolate cake for a thank-you gift.

I suspect Virgin's system somehow found out that I have the highest British Airways Gold Card. Virgin and BA are clearly competitors, and I believe Virgin was trying to win me away from BA.

My point is that upgrades DO happen on transoceanic flights, but they are usually from business to first and used very sparingly as marketing tools. I enjoy your show and, even as a frequent traveler, have found it provides very useful information.





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