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Trying Thai

I recently returned from 10 days in Thailand, where I was visiting my 22-year-old son who has been teaching there for the last 18 months. We were visiting the Thai family he lived with several years ago, up north, in a remote village. One afternoon, we took a 4 hour raft trip down the Nan River, and although I knew that Thai women dressed modestly, I was surprised to see the other women on the raft in jogging suits or long skirts and turtle necks in 95 degree weather.Even a 10 year old girl had changed from shorts and a t-shirt to long pants and a long-sleeved shirt for the raft trip

I had a bathing suit on under long silk pants and a loose top, and although I was ROASTING, I felt it would appear immodest to take off my outer layers and swim in a bathing suit. I could have gone in the river with all my clothes on, but since I would be traveling in those clothes that evening, I didn't want to get them wet. (The other women went in the water in their jogging suits!) So...as to not humiliate my son or myself or make my hosts uncomfortable, I did not swim in just a bathing suit as it was clearly against the local customs.

I also ate the ant eggs that were served at dinner since we were guests and it would be rude to refuse. I didn't exactly "eat" them, though, just kind of swallowed before I had the opportunity to experience taste or texture.




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