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A good-samaritan saved me from a stalker

As a 25-year-old woman having traveled in Europe for several months, I confidently took a train to Vienna. As I arrived late at about 9pm (dark), I realized that I was ill-prepared not knowing how to get to any hostel that late, with most places closed and few people around. On my way out of the train station, a man asked me if I needed help. I said no, but unconvincingly. While outside trying to orient myself to find a bus to a youth hostel, he suspiciously followed me, at some distance. As I got more nervous, he continued to follow me.

Squatting low - with a backpack- around cars, I tried to lose him. In so doing, an incoming driver asked me if I wanted help. I explained the situation, and in his car, we used his cellular to call the hostel to get directions, and then I went alone inside the train station. As he came in, the first man came in behind him, and saw me. I immediately put on a show that I was happy to see a known face and rushed up hugging the good-samaritan. He took it well! He then offered to take me to the subway station to get to the hostel. First though, he needed to pick up his wife from a train. I felt especially bad when I saw her, both of them disappointed not to have a private and romantic rejoining. But they were quite gracious in taking me to the subway station and giving me fare money. I wish I could thank them again for all their help in keeping me safe that night.



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