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The kindness of strangers

I'm a flight attendant for American Airlines and on January 13,1998 I was on a layover in Seattle when I learned that my father had suffered his second heart attack in a year. I quickly was removed from my trip and since my parents were in Portland I thought I would rent a car and just drive down. Unfortunately, there had been a severe ice storm in Portland closing the airport and many passengers had flown into Seattle with the same idea of driving down to Portland. Therefore by the time I got to a car rental counter they had just gotten rid of the last car.

The middle aged man next to me heard the tearful conversation I had with the car rental agent, told me he was going to Portland and offered me a lift. At this point it didn't matter that he could have been a serial killer, I was getting in that car with him.

Fortunately he turned out to be a friendly Mormon with 6 kids. I told him I would pay for half of the car rental and gas but when we got to Portland 3 hours later he would take nothing. He gave me the greatest gift though because when I walked into ICU my parents were shocked and asked me how I got there. I told them the truth as I saw it-I flew in on the wings of an angel. My dad passed away last September but I'll always be grateful for the man whose name I didn't even know who helped me bring a huge smile to my parent's faces during a difficult time.


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