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Travel Music

On the day Jimmy Carter was inaugurated, I, as a federal employee, had the day off. Friends and I had planned a weekend in the Berkshires (I know, who tours the Berkshires in January?).

I had been traveling up 9W on the west side of the Hudson, listening to the inauguration on the radio. Just as Carter was giving his speech, I was crossing the Hudson to go toward Connecticut. It was a beautiful speech, full of joy and hope. The river and the hills were spectacular on a bright winter day. The air was crystal clear and you could see for miles.

When the speech was over, the radio people, rather than giving the usual blather, immediately cut to Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful". By the end of the first verse, I was crying so hard I couldn't drive. I will never forget that day and nearly 25 years later, remembering that song gives me such joy and hope I still get teary-eyed.



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