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Housekeeper for a Day

Dear Rudy,

I loved your story on doing a housekeeper's job for a day. People just don't know how hard that job is - and how unpleasant. It's also hard to find people to do the job -- and it's important because no one wants to pay motel room prices and then discover you're staying in a dirty room.

You might be interested to know of a solution that's being developed for this problem. There is a robot being adapted to automate the bathroom portion of the job! When it's finished, it will be wheeled into the room by the housekeeper -- plugged in -- turned on and then left to robotically sanitize every surface! The quality of cleanliness will never again depend on the mood or level of fatigue of the housekeeper.

It's a few years off - but anyone who wants to know more can web-surf over to . And of course - we are incorporated and selling early stage stock in the company, which we plan to take public (IPO) in a few years.

Thanks for the good story.



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