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Panama Canal

I just read your piece on the Panama Canal and it doesn't tell of a country that I visited along with 25 other Boy Scouts and their families.

We spent eight days in Panama as guests of the U.S. military. We visited a large majority of the country and found they have no idea what a tourist is.

We snorkeled in the Atlantic Ocean and left there and went to the Pacific and got our feet wet there in the same day. We canoed from the Gatun Locks to the beginning of the Gilliard Cut (had to stop there because of safety concerns of the ship wakes.) We spent the night on the Smithsonian Tropical Research Peninsula. We had howler monkeys on our case the whole afternoon and we woke them as we prepared to leave for Barros Colorada.

We toured Barros Colorada island and saw animals that defy your imagination. We visited the Canopy Tour in northern Panama. We drank ice cold Pepa's, (water coconuts) and ate freshly made sugar candy at a petrol station on the Pan-American highway. We visited one of the sites that Columbus once stood upon. We visited the Church of the Black Christ. We visited the Palace of the President on one day's notice. We ate seafood in one of the world's largest outdoor restaurants. We watched the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean. We rested when we got home. This is Panama, unspoiled, and if you could find the right guide it could be the best vacation for any person who loves adventure.




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