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Bad Experience with Priceline

Be careful when shopping for travel over the Internet. I wasn't and paid the Priceline. Priceline says they will try to contact you in one hour but they had over three days and didn't contact me until they wanted to sell me something else (a rental car). After three or four offers (all of which were turned down) and waiting one hour before checking and finding my offers hadn't been accepted, I assumed I would never receive an email until one of my offers was accepted... WRONG. I never received an email but Priceline accepted my last offer. I had a plane ticket but I didn't know I needed to get to the airport. No refunds, changes, or transfers. I wonder when they accepted my offer. Do they keep trying to meet offers until you check back? Is that why they don't send email to tell you they couldn't meet your offer? Will airlines drop prices before a flight to fill seats? Maybe the offer I made on Monday wasn't accepted until yesterday (Thursday). What gives?



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