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Luggage Loss

Recently, I got a new boss. She arrived from Kiev a well-traveled woman having lived in Europe for some time. However, a recent trip on Air France has left her life, and consequently mine, flustered. It seems Air France lost her luggage. Upon arriving home from Dulles, they called her and said they had found it and were having it delivered by a third-party contractor. When the overstuffed minivan arrives at her home, her luggage isn't in it. The driver has the tag but not the luggage. It turns out her bags had somehow spilled out of the van on Washington, DC's Beltway. Of course, this happened during the big snow we recently had and so a great deal of her possessions were plowed under. Now that everything's thawed, she can't get anyone to fess up to what's happened. The airport treat it as lost luggage, the DMV has found the place were here luggage is but the airline or contractor won't retrieve what's left. The FAA won't do anything. Who can help her? She only recently moved here and her life's work (all her of her documentation of exhibits she'd curated in Europe and a manuscript She was working on) and most of her possessions were in those bags, now scattered on the side of the road. Who should pay (literally and figuratively) for this abomination and how?

To make matters worse, while She didn't lose her laptop in the "spill" She did lose the power chord. In trying to get a new one She was told by a manufacturer's rep that there had been an earthquake in Taiwan where they were produced and they wouldn't be available again, ever. Cruel, cruel world...




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