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Bad Experience

I used Yahoo Travel (managed by Travelocity) to make a reservation for Nov. 24 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Atlanta and return). The reservation went through, no problem. Then I tried to make another reservation, (Miami to Santo Domingo and return) with a specific flight out. Not Possible. I had to call American Airlines to get the flight I wanted!!

Next, the tickets from Yahoo did not arrive. I actually wanted an e-ticket to be picked up there, but that was not an option. Finally, when I went onto the Web site to check on the status of the ticket. It said that it would not be delivered until my mailing address had been verified (two weeks after making the reservation!) Upon calling the help line, I was told that the Web info was wrong (!!!) and the ticket was in the mail.

And, I was told that I did have the option of changing the delivery address, but I was supposed to push another button. I am unhappy with the service, with the readability of the site and the clarity with which information is displayed, and the cavalier attitude of these people with my money. I won't use them again. Finally, when I went to the Yahoo Travel site to complain, there is no address for feedback!

Thanks for begin there to listen to this tirade -- and I hope it keeps someone else from getting stuck.




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