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Layover in Reykjavik

I heard your advice to the caller who had a day in Reykjavik, and I had to add to it. There are bus tours that leave every day from Reykjavik, covering most of Iceland. There is the Great Circle tour, which lasts all day and covers the major landmarks: the Thingvellir (site of Iceland's first parliament and also where the American and European plates come together), Gullfoss (a gorgeous double waterfall), Geysir (a geysir, the one after which all others are named), etc.

They also have trips to the Saga center, to the southern shore (great for bird-watching), whale-watching trips, and much more. You can take a trek on horseback (Icelandic ponies are genetically pure, dating back to the Vikings), which is a great way to see some of the country. As far as I could ever tell, these tours are all run by the same company. There is a booth at the airport which sells tickets (it's the same place where you get the tickets for the bus ride into town) and the busses stop at all the hotels, both pick-up and delivery. Meals and treats are extra, but the scenery is worth it.

Reykjavik is a nice town, but the beauty of Iceland is in the countryside.



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