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Honeymoon Horror

I know I'm late for the travel nightmare segment but may-be you can use this some day. My husband and I had a lovely honeymoon at the Grand Palazzo (now Ritz-Carlton) on St. Thomas. It was beautiful, peaceful and private. Just what we wanted. Imagine my horror when I awoke on Friday a.m. very much alone. My husband was on our balcony/patio fixated on something down on the beach. My nightmare began. What could be so horrible to put a crimp in our lovely honeymoon? My husband's wildest dreams had come true and my worst nightmare was right there on the beach...a Victoria's Secret catalog photo shoot!!!! AAAAAGHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes, he made the obligatory remarks about the women really being too skinny but the damage was done.

Yes, we lived happily ever after.




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