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Anne Bancroft Interview

Thank you for the wonderful interview with Anne Bancroft. Her stories brought me back to the happiest times of my childhood, the summers I spent on Fire Island. She was absolutely correct in saying that it was the safest place for children. I remember getting up early in the mornings, grabbing a quick breakfast, and meeting my friends for our day's adventures.

We would go down to the bay to swim, play cards on people's porches, eat lunch in the town's only restaurant and then delight in a soft ice cream cone from the "store," never having to pay since our parents had charge accounts at the local shops. We'd usually spend the afternoons at the beach, endlessly diving through the waves. We'd meander home in the late afternoon for dinner with the family then meet again at night to watch for shooting stars on someone's deck.

It was a carefree time, completely devoid of the stresses of life on the mainland. There was no TV, no telephone, we listened to ball games on the radio, acted out Broadway musicals, swam, water skied, played Scrabble and Parcheesi, and simply had a grand time. Thank you for inspiring me to remember so many wonderful times that had gotten pushed way too far back in my memory bank.




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