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How to Get What You Want

As a weekly listener of your program, I heard you ask for info on "How to get what you want." In January my family and I were booking trips from the U.S. east coast to Hong Kong for our daughter's wedding. We decided that this might be the only time we'd get to Asia so maybe we should see more of it than Hong Kong.

My husband really wanted to go to Hawaii and in calling all of the airlines we couldn't get a reasonable price for a Hawaii stopover. All of the airlines said they didn't even fly over Hawaii; they went north. I was fairly persistent but finally came to the conclusion they were right, and booked tickets for Thailand where we had a wonderful time. Still, my husband was upset.

One of our persistent daughters convinced her ticket agent that their whole idea was crazy. They had tickets for $799.00 and since they were going to stop in Japan and change planes, why couldn't they just get on a plane to Hawaii on the way back and come back to the states that way. That got her agent thinking, and she/he asked the boss, and she/finally said OK. Now, my daughter works full time, and this took place over about three days going back and forth between my daughter and her agent. But, persistence pays off, and they got their round trip from Boston to Hong Kong, stopping in Hawaii on the way back for $799.00. It shows, if you want to do anything, keep trying and you'll probably get what you want.




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