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Ashamed of Being American

I was disgusted and appalled today when you advised a caller who was traveling to Greece to hide the fact that she was an American, and even to sew a Canadian flag onto her luggage!

For Pete's sake, we're at war and Greece is a NATO ally of ours! Are we supposed to live our lives in fear of a few Serb expatriates waving signs? Americans are not all as cowardly as you--and besides, what are our troops going to think when they hear you're telling radio audiences to be ashamed of their American-ness? I give you 0 out of 10 points for patriotism.

The correct answer to the caller is that she should wear a cowboy hat and a jacket with a large U.S. flag on the back. Most people will appreciate meeting an American who loves her country. If any would-be anti-American protesters give her any trouble at all, she should remind them that the nearest US air base is only a few minutes flight time from their houses. She should also carry some wallet-size photos of Iwo Jima to show them what Serbia's going to look like when we're done with it.




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