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Least Desirable Places to Visit

I was terribly offended by your program on Tuesday evening regarding "undesirable places to visit". As the wife of an Arab Muslim and as a teacher who has lived in the Middle East for many years, I was disappointed that you sugar-coated such hate-speak regarding the Arab World. Of the countries you listed as violent and undesirable, all but one were Arab Muslim countries.

No mention was made of the beauty of any of these countries. Instead, you rambled on and on about terrorism, massacres, corrupt law enforcement (in the case of Morocco) blah blah blah. Later in the show you featured and Israeli journalist and a trip to the Dead Sea.

However, you conveniently forgot to mention the corruption of the Israeli Government in regards to Palestinian Human Rights. You failed to mention that Israel has violated 69 United Nations resolutions. There's a lot you conveniently forgot to mention. Why was it so important to emphasize these issues in Arab countries, but it was no issue regarding other countries.

his is a clear example of racial intolerance and frankly I am disappointed that you have compromised you integrity by airing such...what shall I say...CRAP!




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