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Travelers' Rights

Hurray for the Savvy Traveler! I love your show and greatly appreciate the service it provides for the traveling populace.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Most flyers, as you noted, believe that if your flight is canceled because of a snow storm, for example, that the airline OWES them something. That, as we both know, is not true.

Still, on your fine segment on Marketpalce, February 9th, regarding the passenger's bill of rights, I believe you overlooked a critical point in the issue. Passengers DO have rights. These rights have been established over the course of several decades in the nations courts. For example, in Nader vs. Allegheny Airlines, the courts determined that an airline ticket is a contract, and so prohibits the airlines from bumping a passenger off an over booked flight against his or her will. They can bribe you until the cows come home, but they can not FORCE you off the flight.

I believe it would be a victory for passengers if only someone would make available to them a concise list of the most important rights which they already have, since it's clear that the current bill is unrealistic!

Again thank you for your superb programs (The Savvy Traveler and your segments on Marketplace), from a devoted and avid listener. Keep up the good work!



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