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Las Vegas Warning

Please warn people who are planning to go to Las Vegas for New Years 2000 that they should only attend New Year's Eve shows in or near the hotel where they are staying. My husband, fourteen year-old son and I were in Vegas for New Year's 1999 and had tickets to a 10:30 p.m. show at the Treasure Island hotel. We took a cab to the show from the Monte Carlo hotel where we were staying at the other end of the strip, but when it was time to go back we found that we had to walk. Normally a twenty-minute walk, it took us over an hour to fight our way through a drunk and destructive crowd (cars were overturned, etc.) We tried to take refuge in the Mirage and Belagio hotels, but these hotels locked out anyone who was not a guest. We were admitted to Caesar's, but the overflow crowd made this very unpleasant as well. (We later found out that Caesar's suffered a lot of damage.)

Also, let people know that the Belagio means it when they say no one under 18 is admitted to their hotel unless they are a guest. We thought they only meant the casino, but they mean anywhere in the hotel -- even restaurants! The Belagio has guards at the door who definitely make families with kids feel unwelcome.

I am sure I will not go back to Vegas until these memories fade, but I thought by sharing my experiences I could spare others the same unpleasant memories. Thanks!



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