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My avocation and passion, besides traveling, are pottery and ceramics. I am always pursuing knowledge that I can apply to my own pieces. Last June I traveled to Mesa Verde National Park and spent 7 days participating in an Anasazi pottery-making workshop. We dug our own clay, processed it, built mugs and bowls, painted them, and pit-fired them, creating replicas of ancient pottery. Our group was diverse, but because of our mutual interest we bonded as we visited the sites, making pottery, and talking around the campfire. Ceramics Monthly magazine devotes a winter issue to pottery and ceramics classes and workshops offered this summer and I plan to scour it for my next destination this summer. This is a great way to travel by yourself, meet people with similar interests, and bring back something applicable to your life at home. Since many workshops are offered at colleges during the slack summer months, accommodations are reasonable if you stay in the dorms and are willing to bunk with someone new.



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