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Appalled By Theft Piece

I am appalled that you would run a segment on things travelers have stolen. How can you in good conscience dignify theft by featuring it on your program? Theft hurts not only the victim, but all of us who must live among those with no respect for boundaries.

Don't even think of using the specious argument of Free Speech. You are in a position of power in that you control the airwaves for the time your show is on. You have an ethical obligation to use that power for the betterment of culture, not its degradation. You should be ashamed to even consider giving voice to thieves in the guise of entertainment. Call your decision what it is: pandering. Clearly, you realize the inappropriateness of the topic; why else would you plaster disclaimers on your website and on the air: "We did this a year ago." "Let's face it; theft happens"? Assuaging a guilty conscience is all that is.

I encourage you to immediately make plans to substitute another bit. You seem to have no shortage of ideas. If time is a factor, the replay a favorite segment from a previous show.

I am expecting much more from Public Radio than your announcement promises.



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