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Taking Offence with Petra

I listen to your excellent program every Sunday, but yesterday I was deeply offended by the piece on Petra. The journalist who reported it was obviously aiming at an Israeli audience and left the entirely mistaken impression that Petra was only reachable by crossing the Allenby Bridge from Israel. Jordan does have an airport in Amman that American travelers can reach from JFK and avoid the humiliation and inconvenience of Israeli security checks. Please be more careful in the future in editing this kind of journalism that conveys misleading information when aimed at an audience other than that for which it was originally intended.

If Ms. Reiss was playing the subtle Israeli game of scaring people into feeling they have to pass through Israel to reach Petra, thereby leaving some of their tourist dollars in Israel as well as in Jordan, then the piece is even more offensive and you should be ashamed of yourselves for playing this game. Her approach to the piece was quite racist in treating Jordan as some kind of strange, exotic land once she left Israel. To most Americans, which, please remember, is your main audience, Israel would be equally exotic with so many people carrying guns everywhere. One does not see guns everywhere in Jordan. Please in future be more careful and more respectful of other people's cultures.



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