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Peanut-Free Zones

I just heard a letter read on my local public radio station. The author was a Russell Thiebault from New Hampshire and he spoke about peanut-free airline travel. He claimed that he had never heard of anyone getting sick or having an allergic reaction to peanuts on an airline.

Well, Russell, just because you have not had the experience does not mean that this cannot be a serious problem for some. About eight months ago, I had the pleasure of traveling as a chaperone with about 36 kids on a week long field trip. One of these kids is very allergic to peanuts. During the week, (we were in motor homes) it was necessary to avoid peanut butter, etc. On the flight home (Albuquerque to San Diego), the kids in this child's row of seats avoided eating peanuts. The kid did have a significant allergic reaction and required a trip to the local emergency room immediately upon landing.

Please think before you air some cavalier speech by an ignorant person. That speech probably influenced somebody somewhere. I think it's inappropriate to make flip remarks publicly about something that can adversely affect another person and that person's health. Thank you.



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