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Some ugly Americans in Europe

My experience in Europe was bound to attract some ugly Americans, but we didn't realize that it would make us change our travel plans. We were traveling throughout Europe with the Grateful Dead, and had taken advice in regard to representing ourselves in another country; unfortunately there weren't many others who did. Countries were bombarded with young, demanding Americans who took to cramming themselves on trains, sleeping in aisles and anywhere else they could find. It was unbelievable -- after seeing about 6 concerts we decided that we no longer wanted the stigma of being part of this clan of ugly Americans that invaded each city. We learned that we were better off enjoying what Europe had to offer, while steering clear of our ex-concert- goers!!! Europe certainly got a taste of Americans firsthand -- and boy were they surprised -- each city's newspaper had a headline announcing the Grateful Dead's arrival along with the thousands of Americans that followed them.

- Heidi


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