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Portugal Travel


I am surprised by 2 things on today's show. The first is that you let one of the best European travel secrets our of the bag: to wit Portugal. The second is that you have never been there!

I lived in London for 10 years and regularly took breaks in Portugal. The availability of amazing "bucket shop" deals helped (call Wednesday and fly Friday - return air for two plus a self-catering apartment for 200 pounds).

The country is still very inexpensive. The people are extremely warm and welcoming without the temper usually associated with "Latin" countries. The history and sites are amazing (e.g. an excavated 1st century Roman villa whose fountain still worked when uncovered, etc., etc.) The huge empty beaches backed by pine groves. The wine. The food.

Wait a minute. No! No! Sorry! Wrong place. No, you don't want to go. The language is impenetrable and no one speaks American. The ocean is too cold. You can't get a McDonald's anywhere! The roads are mostly unpaved.

But if you do send someone send them to Porto or Faro and make them stay there or near by. They shouldn't travel or explore. Leave that unspoiled for my next trip.

Great show!



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